Afghan Carpet

Afghan carpet is a type of handwoven floor-covering textile traditionally made in Afghanistan.[2]

Many of the Afghan rugs are also woven by Afghan refugees who reside in Pakistan.[3]

Furthermore Only a tenth of the country’s area is fruitful, but at the same time certainly among the most fruitful in the world.

Afghans, represent certainly the most of diverse ethnic groups (tribes) where the Pashtuns are the largest. Other large ethnic groups Tadjik’s,  Hazars and  Uzbekis.

Certainly two of the most popular rugs from these Areas are Khal Mohammadi and Afghan Aqche.

Most noteworthy Handmade in the northern Part,

probably most cases they can also be hand knotted in Pakistan by the Turkomans likewise who have crossed because of war.

The primary colours are dark red with almost different nuances.

Consequently occurring motifs are göls (elephant like pattern), octagonal (eight shaped) finally with curvilinear flowers in dark blue, ochre and beige.

The carpet can be sold mostly in Mazar-e Sharif.

Various vegetable, and other natural dyes are used to produce the rich colors.

The rugs are mostly of medium sizes.

The weavers also produce other trappings of the nomadic lifestyle, including tent bags and ceremonial pieces.

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