Isfahan Carpet

Isfahan carpet are made on either silk or cotton base, basically with up very small knots per square meter.

Using exceptionally good quality wool which is normally fixed quite low.

Isfahan was the capital of the country during the Safavids dynasty (1502-1736). The powerful Shah Abbas (1587-1629) was a great believer of architecture, art and handicrafts.During his time the Emam square were built, looking like a large caravan. In its southern end rises the enormous Emam mosque

 It is thought by lots of people to be the finest mosque in the country. 

In the beginning most Isfahan carpet were mostly inspired by architecture designs that decorated historical buildings of most great cities.

Designers were further inspired by poets of Persia, nature, likewise religious with spiritual intimations.

New and old Isfahan carpet are even more attractive because the strong reds is removed making them more compatible with other carpets.

Some Isfahan carpet certainly became known in Western Europe as “Polish rugs”.
Furthermore,the most popular carpets exist in the Shah Lutf Allah mosque.
First of all Isfahan carpet refers to carpets handmade with silk, golden and silver threads in Persia during the 16th-18th centuries.
Rich Polish buy  them as a result decorated them with their coats of arms to show their importance.
While some Isfahan carpet were later resold to buyers who were often convinced of their Polish origin.[2]
To check the quality of an Isfahan carpet one can take a look on the backside of the carpet

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Isfahan carpet

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