Qum carpets are made in the Qum Province of Iran, around 100 km south of Tehran. Although carpets weaving in this area was not a major industry until the past 100 years. It is the second most holy city in Iran and an important theological centre with extensive education of priests. The eighth imams sister is buried in a magnificent mausoleum that is found in this city.

Qum carpets manufacturing began at the of the 20th century. Rugs from Areas are known for their fine workmanship with pile in wool or silk. They are often manufactured with high knot density and have varied patterns, borrowed from different areas in Iran. Sometimes details are tied in silk. It is also common with carpets manufactured entirely of silk,Gardens, medallions or figural carpets with plant and animal motifs are common. Today, they are manufactured in other places and these carpets also carries the name Ghom.

Qum Rugs are also sold under the names Ghome, Gom, Kum and Qom.Shades are similar to most popular colours of Persian Rugs – blue, red and ivory but they are typically smaller than other types of Persian carpets. They are often placed on walls.

The majority of this Rugs are small to medium in size and many are woven with luxurious silk, others use very fine wool which is densely knotted making extremely decorative rugs that are often hung on proud owners’ walls. The designs are typically curvilinear and floral in their pattern but many are woven to a more pictorial scene, often a tree of life design.


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