Video Gallery

Video Gallary shows a cross section of our shop in Sharjah-Central Souq

You can also see a cross section of our Antique shop.

Video Gallery also show how we do our carpet cleaning services and the interior of our shops with all our styles Iranian carpets from various types that come from hundreds of different tribes in many different countries. These rugs include Persian, Afghan, Indian, Pakistani and Turkish variations.

Video Gallery  show simpler rugs that are weaved from undyed natural wool which may contain black, white, gray and brown wool, to the most colorful and vibrant colors in tribal rugs. Also in terms of designs our rugs include from a few small symbols of animals, birds and plants to very sophisticated geometric motifs.

Even today, the designs of traditional oriental rugs are still drawn with paper and pencil. Nomadic rugs and simpler designs are often knotted purely from the weaver’s memory and without any pattern. The style of the rug thus also indicates the origin of the rug. Depending on the degree of detail of the design, the rug must be knotted at a certain density. The higher the knot density of a rug, the higher the level of detail can be realized. Therefore, very fine rugs with knot densities of one million knots per square meter usually have very elaborate patterns and decorations.

The design of an oriental rug can be divided into different categories. There are stylized, geometric and figurative patterns in the traditional design. In addition, completely new elements are implemented in modern design, which either stand in combination with traditional ornaments or are put on completely new.

Video Gallery
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